Why Magic?

Because magic is something unusual and different that is not only entertaining but also interactive. The students at your school will not only see the magic, but experience it! Some will even experience it in their own hands when they join me on stage!

Why Jeff?

Because I have spent a significant portion of my life teaching, working on communication, and presentation skills. Oh and not to mention, studying and perfecting sleight-of-hand skills. My experience will represent you and your school or organization in the best light with a quality performance. Just read some of the feedback from performances!

Would you like someone to Wow! the crowd and educate at the same time? Would you like to create the best school assembly yet? What are you waiting for? Contact today to find out more about how your event is going to be a success!

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The power of magic:

Studies by educational researchers suggest that approximately 83% of human learning occurs visually. There is nothing more visual than magic!

Schoolhouse Magic is a project of Illusionist Jeff Copeland located in Columbia, Missouri. If you would like to have an affordable school assembly where your students will learn and remember, look no further. Take a second and stroll through the website!

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